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THURSDAY & FRIDAY, MAY 10-11, 2007

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(6) DCI, APV & Cherry Burrell S/S Processors - (2) Tetra-Pak Omni Hoyer Novelty Lines

amr03.jpg (215501 bytes)  amr09.jpg (214404 bytes)  amr05.jpg (211377 bytes)  amr11.jpg (219067 bytes)  amr002.jpg (207284 bytes)  amr18.jpg (304301 bytes)

(20) Waukesha Cherry Burrell & Hoyer Ice Cream Freezers - (19) Flavor Tanks
Cherry Burrell HTST System - Westfalia Separator

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2005 Filler Specialties 15-Valve Rotary Filler - Flavor Tanks - Wrappers & Shrink Tunnels
Tetra Pak Ingredient Feeders - APV Pilot Plant

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TransShrink Tunnels & Metal Detectors - Inkjet Coders - (6) FES Ammonia Booster Compressors
Cryogenic Freeze Tunnels - S/S Processors



A very large Harry Davis & Company Auction Sale of Late Model Ice Cream, Food Processing and Packaging Equipment.

THURSDAY & FRIDAY, MAY 10-11, 2007 at 9:30 a.m.

3333 Dan Morton Drive, Dallas Texas 75236 (south of Dallas)

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Map of 3333 Dan Morton Drive, Dallas, TX 75236-1066

DIRECTIONS: From Airport, International Parkway south to TX-183 east 7 miles to TX-12 south 8.3 miles to S. Walton Blvd. go 0.5 miles to right on Duncanville Rd. 0.4 miles to right on West Kiest Blvd. go 0.5 miles to left at Dan Morton Dr. and plant. Watch for Auction Arrows!

Tuesday & Wednesday May 8-9 or by appointment.

SALE SITE PHONE: (214) 435-5123 - Ray Thomas OR contact Auctioneer at (800) 775-2289


Full payment day of sale in guaranteed or certified U.S FUNDS. Company check accepted with letter of approval from your bank. Direct wire transfers to the account of Harry Davis & Company accepted ONLY with prior arrangement. You are urged to inspect before the sale.  Removal of items by insured riggers only. Although information has been obtained from reliable sources, the Auctioneer makes no warranty or guarantee, express or implied as to the the accuracy of information in this brochure. Additional terms to be announced at sale. Click here for additional terms of sale. Absentee bidding also available, click here for details. (*Online bidding: 13% Buyers Premium.) Martin I Davis Texas Auctioneer #9221, PA Auctioneer AU1458-L; Stanford G Davis PA Auctioneer AU3301-L.

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will be available through Bidspotter.

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NOVELTY LINES - Packaging NEW 2004-2005!

Tetra-Pak Omni Novelty Line with 2005 Dino Pick & Place Table, S/N Z3201067; 2005 Hoyer Dino 8/16-Lane Extractor, 2004 Hoyer Flowrap High Speed 8-Lane Wrapper, Omni All S/S Freezing Tunnel, Model 190, S/N 454-400-4; Hoyer Model ML1500, S/N ZH153903; Safeline Metal Detector, Model SSHDSTD, S/N 11499; Hoy Pak 100 Cartoner, S/N 430.1139; Hi-Speed Checkweigher, Model HC5200SMMM, S/N 11938; Markem Ink Jet Coder 5200, S/N 022020; 3M Case Sealer, Model 700R, S/N 10757 w/ Coder; Anderson Shrink Wrapper & Tunnel, Model 486-1, S/N 35351 & S/S Product Conveyors w/ Interlox Belting.

Tetra-Pak Omni Novelty Line with 2004 Dino Pick & Place Table, S/N Z3201075; 2004 Hoyer Dino 6/12-Lane Extractor, 2004 Hoyer Flowrap 6-Lane High Speed Wrapper, Model ML1500-8, S/N Z4153915; APV Glacier All S/S Freezing Tunnel, Model 600-E-2478-2, S/N DX88044201; DoBoy Wrapper, Model Linium 301, S/N 02-23730; Hoy Pak 100 Cartoner, S/N Z4301114, Safeline Metal Detector, Model SSHDSTD, S/N 5310; Hi-Speed Micromate Checkweigher, Model HC5200SMMM; Great Lakes Shrink Wrapper & Tunnel; 3M Case Sealer w/ Coder & S/S Product Conveyor w/ Interlox Belting.


MIX SYSTEM: (2) DCI 2,000 Gal. S/S Dome-Top Processors w/ Extended Sweep Agitators, S/N 90-D-40225-A & 40225-B and
(2) Cherry Burrell 1,500 Gal. S/S Dome-Top Processors w/ Wide Sweep Agitators, S/N E-398-88 & E-397-88.

NEW Feldmeier 600 Gal. S/S Hinged Lid Processor, S/N E-74505.

APV 500 Gal. S/S Dome-Top Cone-Bottom Processor.


(2) Cherry Burrell 25,000 Gal. Refrigerated S/S Silos, S/N E382, 388

(2) DCI 15,000Gal. Refrigerated S/S Silos, S/N 86-D333261-A & -B.

Walker 8,000 Gal. S/S Refrigerated Silo, Model VSHT, S/N 4157R w/ Horizontal Agitator.

(7) DCI 5,200 Gal. S/S Refrigerated Silos w/ Vertical Agitators, S/N 90-D-4082-A, 90-D-4082-B, 90-D-4082-C, 88-D-36596, 86-D-33273-C, 86-D-33272-B & 86-D-33272-A.

(3) DCI 5,000 Gal. S/S Refrigerated Silos w/ Vertical Agitators, S/N 84-D-30697-E, 84-D-30697-H & 84-D-30697.

Mueller 3,650 Gal. S/S Refrigerated Silo, S/N D11144TK4.

(3) Mueller 3,500 Gal. S/S Refrigerated Silos, Model SVW w/ Vertical Agitators, S/N D1114TK8, D1114TK7 & D1114TK5.

(5) Walker 2,500 Gal. S/S Refrigerated Silos w/ Vertical Agitators, S/N VSHT-4160R, -4159R, -4098R,-4097R & -4096R.

(2) Mueller 2,500 Gal. S/S Refrigerated Silos w/ Vertical Agitators, S/N D11144TK6 & D11144TK3.

DCI 2,500 Gal. S/S Refrigerated Silo, S/N 84-D-30697-A.

(2) DCI 1,500 Gal. S/S Vertical Blend Tanks.

Mueller 3-Compartment at 1,900 Gal. S/S Tank, Model SRW, S/N SRW-24636.

(2) Smith 25,000 Gal. &14,000 Epoxy Lined Corn Syrup & Sucrose Tanks.


(5) HOMOGENIZERS: (2) Cherry Burrell SS1800 & 3000; APV 5DD Models.

Westfalia S/S CIP Separator, Model MSD-90-01-076, S/N 170950.

Cherry Burrell S/S Cooling Press, Model 435SBH, S/N 90288XA with Vacuum Tank and Pump.

(4) Alfa Laval S/S Cooling Presses, Model H10FMC, S/N 4240, 4239, 4238 and 4237.

APV S/S HTST Press, Model CR5, S/N C-1153.

Chester Jensen S/S Cooling Press, Size 55, Model H35FS, S/N 10853734.

Cherry Burrell S/S Cooling Press, Model SXLAS-50, S/N 7005.

S/S Vacuum Pan Separator.



(3) WCB Ice Cream Freezers, Model VP4-1P8 and VP4-1P, S/N 94074-1, 94074-2 and 94074-ZA with Allen Bradley Panelview 1400 Controls.

(2) WCB Ice Cream Freezers, Model VP-31P, S/N 94074ZD2 and 94074ZD1.

WCB 3-Barrel Ice Cream Freezer, Model VP12-3, S/N 5898 with Allen Bradley Panelview 1400 Controls.

Hoyer Ice Cream Freezer, Model KF2000, S/N 115-6009.

(2) Hoyer Ice Cream Freezers, Model KF1200, S/N Z1157053 and Z1157052

Cherry Burrell 2,400 GPH 6-Barrel Ice Cream Freezer, Model 33D-242, S/N 5673.

Cherry Burrell 3-Barrel Ice Cream Freezer, Model 3D92 (VP6-2), S/N 5895.

Cherry Burrell 3-Barrel Ice Cream Freezer, Model 3D90.

(3) Cherry Burrell 3-Barrel Ice Cream Freezer, Model V603, S/N 115-6009 and 4893.

(2) Cherry Burrell 3-Barrel Ice Cream Freezers, Model V403, S/N 9977 – (1) Rebuilt.

Gel Mark 3-Barrel Ice Cream Freezer, Model 1000, S/N 1295.

(2) Gel Mark Single Barrel Ice Cream Freezers, Model 300, S/N 940453 and 940243.



(6) Cherry Burrell S/S Ingredient Feeders, Model HC1F, S/N 97171JA, 92016ZA, 909242 and 909240 and 2714.

(2) Hoyer S/S Ingredient Feeders, Model FF-2000C, S/N Z1481159 and Z1481135.

Cherry Burrell S/S Ingredient Feeder, Model LC1F, S/N 84045ZA.

APV S/S Ingredient Feeder, Model S420, S/N N-0969.

APV S/S Ingredient Feeder, Model S410, S/N 195 – Rebuilt by Martin Brothers.

Kaster S/S Fruit Strainer, S/N 5750.

Sani-Mark Ingredient Feeder, S/N 1432.

(2) APV Vibratory Feeders, Model V-2N, S/N 0653.



Mueller 4-Compartment at 200 Gal. S/S Flavor Tank with Allen Bradley Panelview 900 Controls.

Cherry Burrell 4-Compartment at 300 Gal. S/S Flavor Tank, S/N E255-91.

(3) Cherry Burrell 3-Compartment at 500 Gal. S/S Flavor Tanks, S/N E-284-94, E-554-87 and E-62-94.

3-Compartment at 500 Gal. S/S Flavor Tank.

Mueller 3-Compartment at 300 Gal. S/S Flavor Tank, S/N MM14806.

C.H. Howard 3-Compartment at 200 Gal. S/S Flavor Tank, Model 10447, S/N 8901.

Mueller 2-Compartment at 300 Gal. S/S Flavor Tank, Model SRMV, S/N 145977.

Feldmeier 2-Compartment at 300 Gal. S/S Flavor Tank, S/N E690-02.

(3) Feldmeier 2-Compartment at 150 Gal. S/S Flavor Tanks, S/N E689-02, E688-02 and E475-01.

(6) Cherry Burrell and Other 2-Compartment and Single Compartment S/S Flavor Tanks, 250 to 150 Gals. per Compartment.



APV HTST/UHT Pilot Plant with Gaulin Homogenizer, Model 100M3.3TPS, S/N 11839363; (3) Chester Jensen 50 Gal. S/S Mix Vats; Crepaco 50 Gal. S/S Liquifier; 2-Compartment at 50 Gal. S/S Flavor Tank; Balance Tank; Blender; Crepaco Pumps; Freezer Cabinets and Incubators.



2005 Filler Specialties 15-Valve Half Gal. Rotary Filler, Model MX05, S/N 12505GWFF155R with Vibratory Cap Feeder, S/S Semi-Automatic Debagging Table, Superior RollTak 200 Labeller, S/N SRT20166, Conveyor and Change Parts.



2004 Denomy 2-Head Round Sandwich Filler; (2) Hunkar Labels, Model Systems CL, S/N 4-02-05822CL and 4-02-05823C4; CEIA Metal Detector, Model THS, S/N 20200230002; MGS Carton Dispenser, Model 1DP-1110D, S/N 9196; Inline Plastics Automatic Locking Unit and S/S Product Conveyor. (Line 11)

2004 Denomy 2-Head Round Sandwich Filler with PFM Sandwich Deviator, Model 041402, Automatic Feed Conveyor, Dual Lane Depositors, MGS Carton Dispenser, Model 1DP-1110D, S/N 9262; Inline Plastics Automatic Locking Unit, Model ALD-RH, S/N 101; (2) Hukar Labellers, Model System CL, S/N 4-02-058L1CL; Safeline Metal Detector, Citronix Ink Jet Coder, Model C1000, S/N 0404093A and S/S Product Conveyor. (Line 12)


(2) Ultra-Freeze Triple-Pass Cryogenic Freeze Tunnels, Model 1-55-0003, S/N 48-363 & 48-351-R, 76” wide x 16’ long, w/48” S/S Mesh Belt..


Intec Variable Retention Time (VRT) Hardening Tunnel, 40 Shelves per hour Max Capacity, w/(324) Shelves 20’ 9” long x 4’ 2” wide, 32, 48, 64 or 80 packages per shelf (can be double stacked) A.B. PLC-5/80 Controls (different products can remain in system for different times), (5) Evapco 4-Fan Ammonia Blowers, 500-Ton Refrigeration capacity. Call for full details!


(3) Tetra Pak Hoy Pak 100 Cartoners, S/N 74501167; Safeline Metal Detector, Citromix Ink Jet Coder, Model C1000, Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed Metal Detector, Model MM and Product Conveyor. (Others listed with Production Lines)

Tetra Pak Cartoner, Model HP500, S/N 4311121; Safeline Metal Detector, S/N 8980-3; Mettler Toledo Checkmate 2 Checkweigher, S/N 5990132-2A; Great Lake Shrink Wrapper and Heat Tunnel, Model 708-27, S/N 80023; 3M Top and Bottom Case Sealer, Model 700A, S/N 11579; S/S Product Conveyor with Interlox Belting – Up to 12" Wide. (Line 1)

Arpac Shrink Wrapper, Model 108-24SS, S/N 2472; CEIA Metal Detector, Model THS, S/N 20200230003; Domino Coder Box Ink Jet Coder, S/S Product Conveyor with Interlox Conveyor. (Line 2)

Barry Wehmiller S/S Shrink Wrapper and Tunnel, Model SA-27R, S/N 848-27R; Safeline Metal Detector, 8" x 8", S/N 2625; S/S Frame Product Conveyor with Interlox Belting. (Line 3)



(4) 18 ft. x 12" S/S Frame Product Elevators with Interlox Belting.


PRODUCT WRAPPERS - (6) DoBoy Wrappers!

New 2004 DoBoy Wrapper, Model LINIUM301, S/N 023902. (Additional DoBoy Wrappers listed with Production Lines)

(2) Package Parts and System Extreme Shrink Wrappers, Model AL-33, S/N I-130 and I-124 with Weldon Heat Tunnels.

Dorell Shrink Wrapper, Model M64, S/N K3350.

DoBoy Wrapper, Model H400, S/N 83-2048.

DoBoy Wrapper, Mdoel Micro-Tronic-L-R, S/N 94-17034.

DoBoy Wrapper, Model LINIUM, S/N 0022693.

(2) Anderson Shrink Bundlers, Model 464, S/N 31946.

(5) Great Lakes Shrink Tunnels and Additional Shrink Wrappers.



Adco Cartoner, Model 15D105BCL with Nordson Gluer.

Tetra-Pak Cartoner, Model HoyPak 100, S/N 2430-2026.

Tetra-Pak Cartoner, Model HoyPak 50, S/N Z431-2018.

MGS Carton Dispenser, Model 1PP1100D, S/N 9097, Model 1PQ-190, S/N 8654.

Interbake Food Carton Erector, Model 0285, S/N 209186-8900-07.



(2) 3M Top and Bottom Case Sealers, Model 700A, S/N 500016, Each with (2) Marsh Unicorn Ink Jet Coders.

BEL Model 150 Top and Bottom Case Sealer, Model 1500, S/N 31400 with Marsh Unicorn Ink Jet Coder and Ohaus Digital Scale.

BEL Model 150 Top Case Sealer, S/N 15J-5027.

TaPack Top and Bottom Case Sealer, Model SK-450-2, S/N 941070 and Additional Case Sealers.



(2) CEIA Metal Detectors, Model THS, S/N 2020020905, 20200220012 and 20200207006.

Ramsey Metal Detector.

(2) Safeline Metal Detectors, Model METALDE-12 and Inline Metal Detector, S/N 25289.



(6) Domino Ink Jet Coders, Model A300 and A300-600HR, S/N N3B00958, N3B00207, N3B00636 and N3B00635.

(2) Domino Code Box Ink Jet Coders.

(10) Citronix Ink Jet Coders, Model Ci1000.

(4) Marken 5000 Series Ink Jet Coders.

Marsh Patrion Plus Ink Jet Coder.

(4) Video Jet Ink Jet Coder, Model EXCEL100, S/N 89G21013, 89F13015 and E93D23013.

(2) Videojet Mark 7000 Laser Coders.

(2) Dominio Solo 5 Ink Jet Coder, S/N F60667 and F60685.

(2) Universal Labeling Systems Labeller, Model TELS1RHWD, S/N 12-0109 and Model TELSILHNT, S/N 120120.

Universal Label Applicator.




Ramsey Checkweigher, Model AC800/FR8120, S/N 93K1141.

Mettler Toledo H1 Speed Checkweigher, Model Checkmate-2, S/N 0002711A24.




(4) Lantech Pallet Wrappers, Model Q0300 and Q300, S/N QM3094, QM017207, Q0338 and Q0717.

Lantech V-Series Pallet Wrapper.

(6) Semi-Automatic Scissors Lifts.



1,000’s ft. Uniex and Roach Power Inclined Belt Conveyor and Power Roller Conveyor including: Drive, Straights, 90 Degree and 180 Degree Turns.

100 ft. Span Tech Product Conveyor, 9" W Belting, 90 Degree and 180 Degree Turns and Drives.

100’s ft. S/S Frame Product Conveyors – Most with Interlox Belting, Straights, 90 Degree Turns and 180 Degree Turns.

S/S Turntables, Portable Conveyor Sections, Lane Dividers, Combiners and More.



Hoyer Dino Dry Coater.

Watson Metal S/S Glacier Freezing Box, S/N 1071.

Glacier Freezer Refrigerated Coil and Glacier Trays.

MGS Pick and Place Unit and Glacier Filter Table.

(3) Lembke Stick Inserters, Model 656.

(675) Alliance 4 oz., 3 oz. and 2-1/2 oz. Vitaline Molds and Vitaline Pairs, Filler Hoppers and Pumps.

Rollo Parts including Fill Evacuator.

(35) Assorted Omni Line Straight Line and Sandwich Molds and Filler Heads.

(2) 25 Gal. S/S Chocolate Tanks with Air Operated Agitators.

Denamy, Burner Type Pick and Place Unit.

R & D Machines S/S Chocolate Conditioner Unit, Model 04/05-3344.

Benko Sahara Dual Hot Box, Model 532-2F-CS, S/N J11260S and Additional Hot Box.

APV Powder Feeder, Model F6519, S/N 35U173348, Cart Mounted with Fristam Pump.

APV 300 + or – Gal. S/S Jacketed Blending Tank with Pump.

(4) Graco Air Operated Barrel Pumps.

Toledo and Other S/S Digital Scales.

Cardinal Pail Inverter, Model CPT-500, S/N 522.

Murzan Drum Pump, Model DUS-50, S/N 9500008D.



2004 Osgood 4-Lane Cup/Cone Filler, Model 4400-1, S/N 689, w/Allen Bradley Panelview 1000 HMI, Allen Bradley Logics 5561 PLC Controller, (4) Allen Bradley Powerflex 70 Variable Frequency Drives. Large Quantity Change Parts.

APV Anderson Convocan Round Filler, Model 456-1, S/N 35363.

Anderson Half Gal. Ice Cream Carton Filler, Model 588, S/N 588-35813.

Anderson half Gal. Ice Cream Carton Filler, Model 555-4, S/N 33579.

Additional 4-Lane S/S Cup Filler, 8 oz and 12 oz.]

Denamy Sandwich Filler.

Food Tools USA Pie Cutter, Model CSZADFG, S/N 797230.

Half Gal. S/S Milk Caser, Half Gal. Neo Head Filler and Tub Filler.



(3) Sani-Matic 3-Tank CIP Systems, w/Heat Exchangers, Air Valves.

Scherping 2-Tank S/S CIP Skid, S/N 1027801.

Klenzade 3-Tank S/S CIP System.

(3) Sani-Matic and Other COP Wash Troughs, (2) with Fristam and Tri-Clover Pumps.

(2) CIP Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers.

New A.O. Smith Hot Water Tank, Model T3505.6, S/N 97F0311, 350 Gal. Capacity.

Bell & Gossett Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with Water Tank and Pump.

Klenzade CIP Control, Model MP1800, CIP Tank with Pump and More.


Shick Baghouse with Auto Jet Collectdor, Model 58AJ25, S/N FC-566-3A.

Peabody Tek Powder Silo, S?N S.O.90858.

Shick Fluidizer, Model 58AJ16, S/N FC-5566-3A.

(2) Semco Fluidizers, Model VF-100, S/N 01050 and Model VANTONE SDH-02, S/N B/M101, Duro Flow Schwitzer Fluidizer Pump, Model 45-9, S/N E-28505, Powder Hopper and Roots 50 hp Rotary Blower.



Chester Jensen 200 Gal. S/S Cone-Bottom Butter Melting Kettle, Model X70N20, S/N 8923-P.

S/S 40 lb. Block Butter Cutter.


Over (158) Waukesha/Cherry Burrell S/S Air Valves – Up to 3" in Manifolds – Up to 32; Over (54) APV, Fristam, Waukesha, Moyno, Wilden, Creamery Package and G & H Positive and Circulating Pumps, Large Quantity 2-1/2" and 3" S/S Pipe.



(4) Quincy Screw Air Compressors – Up to 100 hp, Model QS1-500-S1D4ACA3D and QS1235ACA3, S/N 98624, 92842, 37833 and 33159.

Comp-Air 7.5 hp Air Compressor, Model 705PSAS07-2336D105, S/N 705-002954-0112.

Brunner Engineering Air Receiver.

Gardner Denver Air Dryer, Model ECHQJD, S/N DGAAC9A.

ZEKS Refrigerated Air Dryer.

Premea Deltec Air Dryer, Model HB72-6, S/N 9ZBG388.



(2) FES 350 hp Screw Booster Ammonia Compressors, Model 930-B, S/N 87-0227-0302-09, S/N 067 and S/N 87-0227-0301-02, S/N 058 with Starters.

(2) FES 200 hp Screw Booster Ammonia Compressors, Model 550B and 420B, S/N 94178031, S/N X7173 and 04136101 – (1) with Benshaw Starter and (1) with Ram Starter.

FES 150 hp Screw Booster Ammonia Compressor, Model 358XB, S/N 9417803 with Ram Starter.

FES 125 hp Each Dual Screw Ammonia Booster Compressor, Model 305B, S/N 85-0191-0301-09, S/N X-5202 with Starter.

Mycom 125 hp Freon Screw Compressor, Model F160VMTE125, S/N 1635392.

Additional FES Screw Compressor.

Mycom/Evapco Evaporative Condenser, Model VC1-90, S/N 003150101.

(2) Chester Jensen Falling Film Chiller, S/N 66179 and 4-2-48-123.

(2) Precision Heat Exchanger Shell and Tube Glycol Chiller, S/N 11696-2 and 11696-1.

BAC Evaporative Condenser, Model V2-N261, S/N 95600806.

Imeco Evaporator Unit, Model SC1.44, S/N 3552-2.

RVS Refrigerant Receiver, S/N 990837-S and RVS Suction Accumulator and 6,000 lb. Capacity High Pressure Horizontal Receiver.

RVS Freon Recirculating System, S/N 990746.

Evapco Surge Drum, T010389.

(3) Witt Freon Condensing Packages, Model QDEW22C22E, S/N A9966001-0113.

King S/S Air Handling Unit, Model APVC-18, S/N 88-V-1875-A.



(2) Cleaver Brooks 150 hp Boilers, Model CB-200-150, S/N L-76266 and CB-700-150, S/N L-91474.

Lochinvar Low Pressure Boiler, Model CFN1800PN, S/N E006062.

Eco Water - Water Softener and New Bell & Gossett Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger.



Large Assortment Control Panels with Frequency Drives, Reach-In Cooler Cabinets, Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine, Incubators, Granger 6,000 lb. Capacity Gantry Crane and More.


Over (300) Baldor, Reliance, Dodge and Other Motors and Gear Reducing Drives, Cherry Burrell Freezer Parts and Spare Parts for Major Plant Equipment.


(4) Crown 6,000 lb. Capacity Electric Pallet Jacks, Model PE3540-60, S/N 6A132789, 6A132026, 6A132788 and 6A132827.

(5) Crown 6,000 lb. Capacity Electric Pallet Jacks, Model 60PE-27-3, S/n W-98777, W-57235, W-63878, W-98719 and W-49883.

(4) Crown 3,200 lb. Capacity Swing Reach Electric Forklifts, Models 40TSTN, 40TS-5 and 40TSFN-S, S/N H-16676, 1A104643, 1A104660 and 1A156450.

(2) Crown FC Series Sit-Down Electric Forklift, S/N 9A122419.

Crown 3,000 lb. Capacity Stand-Up Electric Forklift, Model E0RDTT, S/N 1A102399.

(4) Crown 2,700 lb. Capacity Stand-Up Electric Forklifts, Model 30RCTT, S/N W-98628,

W-98630, W-98629 and W-790-23.

Crown 3,000 lb. Capacity Walk-Behind Electric Forklift, Model 30WTF-2, S/N 102277-1.

(2) Raymond 3,000 lb. Capacity Stand-Up Electric Forklifts, Model 211.DR-30TT, S/N 021D.88.04193 and 021.87.02318.

Raymond 3,000 lb. Capacity Stand-Up Electric Forklift, Model 60-C-30-TT, S/N 080.88.04261.

Raymond 3,000 lb. Capacity Stand-Up Electric Forklift, Model 20-HR-40TT, S/N 020D-90-31682.

Raymond Stand-Up Electric Forklift with Rebuilt Mast and Digital Battery Read-Out.

Hyster 3,000 lb. Capacity Sit-Down Electric Forklift, Model E50XL-3, S/N C108V03975G.

Hyster 2,250 lb. Capacity Stand-Up Electric Forklift, Model N40FR, S/N D138401935N.

Tennant Floor Scrubber, Model 7200, S/N 72-6006.

(30) Exide Depth 36-Volt and 24-Volt Battery Chargers and (22) Space 36-Volt and 24-Volt Fork Truck Batteries.



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